Sport Club Portuguese Joins Sky Blue FC as Silver Club Partner

Sport Club Portuguese Joins Sky Blue FC as Silver Club Partner

Sky Blue FC is very excited to announce that Sport Club Portuguese has come aboard as a silver club partner for the 2017 season!


Club Contact: Rodrigo DaSilva or Steven Valeira

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About Sport Club Portuguese

In the 1920’s, the USA was growing as waves of immigrants came to this country hoping for a better life, and an escape from war torn Europe. The idea of the melting pot was strong, and immigrants would assimilate to the American way of life. Yet many of those immigrants started communities around the culture and language that they knew, celebrating the customs and traditions of the land they left behind. One such group were the Portuguese residents residing in Newark, NJ. And thus on  December 17, 1921, a group of these residents formed what would become one of the largest, and oldest, Portuguese ethnic associations in North America; Sport Clube Português.

The club has a long history of serving the communities around it with respect to arts and culture. At one point in its history the club’s headquarters served as a movie house for members to enjoy the latest moving picture show. Yet what the club is definitely most recognized for is its involvement in sports, specifically soccer. Home of one of the most decorated semi-pro teams in the USA, SCP’s long history, and many victories, are best experienced by spending a day observing the hundreds of trophies won over many years since 1923. And this tradition has been a cornerstone of pride from the club until this day. But it was in 2016 that the club reached one of its most awesome milestones yet, the formation of a girl’s youth soccer team, the SCP Lady Storm. This endeavor was the launchpad for revamping the club’s youth soccer program, which serves the areas in and around Newark with no location restrictions. Since starting the program, the girl’s team has shown a level of dedication and love of the game that fits right in line with the club’s history as a sport institution. As the players continue to grow, so does the club.

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